2018 Sales

We Will Be AT The Splash of Color Boer Goat Sale
   this October. Check Back Soon to See Our Lots.

May Day Color Connection Sale
May 6, 2018 at 1 PM 
Bid In Person or Online at DVAuction.com
Transportation Available


Lot 5 Elkins View Sapphira #
This pretty doeling may be young but she has length and width of bone going for her. She's got a level topline and wide chest. She's got show genetics and eye appeal both. Take her home with you today, grow her out and see just what she can do for you!

Lot 17 MOA Mossy Oak Lil Miss Sassafras #10681886
Diva alert! She is a looker, and she knows it. Lil Miss Sassafras is a great brood doe guaranteed to throw color for ya. She kids easy and has fantastic mothering abilities. Great dapple Doe you'll be happy to have!

Lot 35 BHB3 Noel #10697249
This Gorgeous, very solid, Black Doe has it all! She's got length and good bone, elevation and definite eye appeal. She is a great color producer, and easy kidder and very maternal and great milker. You can't ask for more.
  CONFIRMED BRED to Ganoe The Rock (10754378) (red buck)  who carries 3LF Stargate, RCD Lazy S-T Coppertox, Ward's Cat in the Hat X111 and more in his pedigree.

Lot 53 Elkins View Tirzah # 10767122
This girl here has been spunky since the day she was born. Tirzah is flashy young doeling that has great bone and backside. She is show correct 2x2 teated and she wants the attention. One of our favorites. Take her home, grow her out your way. Don't be put off by her age, I believe this doe will do well in anyone's program.

Lot 65 YDO Black Berry #10690624
Black Berry will be a hard one to see go. This Powerhouse of a doe would be a great addition to anyone's herd. She is a large doe, with great width and length, she stays in condition on pasture or grain fed. She has a gentleness about her we appreciate. Not only does she carry black, but she carries dapples. Take her home breed her and let her make money for ya

Lot 81 Elkins View Sparkling Ice #10765070
This young paint doe has definite potential. She has great length and elevation to her, a very feminine doe. With great confirmation she is show correct, bite is spot on  2x2 teated. Her sire is a massive paint and her dam is a large dapple. Take her home grow her out a bit add her to your show string, or grow her out and breed her she is sure to throw color for ya.