Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Elkins View is a Christian Family Farm ran by my husband Jamie and  myself, Tiffany Elkins, along side with the six daughters still living at home, yep you read right, our six daughters. We are tucked away in the beautiful South East of Ohio, Morgan County. We got our first small herd of goats nine years ago, when we bought our first few dairy doe's. We fell in love with goats when our kids first started in 4-H, their projects, became our whole family's passion.
  Now today we have a herd of  over 75 Registered Boers, most are our gorgeous Registered Colored Boer Goats! 
  Our Boer Goats consist of Dapple, Spotted, Paint, Traditional and Blacks. Our Boers have great pedigree's and some of the top bloodlines in the country. Including 
KMBG1 King Pin *ennobled*, East Heritage PTR Moonslinger *ennobled* NATS Graffiti's Grainger, 3LF Stargate, HSFG Hillside Hitmans Dark Mark *ennobled*, GLA Allen's Pai Check, CSB Smokin Hot Ruger *ennobled*, CSB Ruger Reloaded *ennobled* , Lazy ST Coppertox, Max's Boer Goats,including IMAX 3-D *ennobled* Bon Joli, Wards Cat in the Hat X111 *ennobled*, DBC Batman, AABG Cadillac Jack *ennobled* Polar Express, several *ennobled* EGGS, Nats Rumblebee, *ennobled* McGee's, Speckled n Splattered and so many more.
  We strive to provide well bred, show quality, hardy goats that will serve the purpose they are bought for, whether that be breeding or showing. 


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          Tiffany (740) 507-2598
          Jamie (740) 5072589

                                              Proud Members of the American Boer Goat Association 


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